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Oolong Tee mit Rose (loser Tee)

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Taiwan, ROC
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Limited supply! Scented with natural Rose flower, this Oolong tea imparts unique lychee-like rose fragrance and sweet aftertaste.
Captivating and straightforward, this naturally scented tea is easy to drink and pack a punch in both aroma and flavor. Our rose oolong has delighted tea drinkers for generations. We scent oolong tea from Mingjian with fresh rose from a natural farming rose garden in Pingtung (屏東). We craft scented tea only by using fresh flowers without artificial flavors, then bake at a low temperature. Aromatic rose petals give the oolong tea an intoxicating aroma.

Premium rose variety which imparts Lychee scent comes from a natural farming garden in Pingtung. 
We select fresh roses which are planted in a large flower farm without using any pesticide. Natural and safe Rose delivers a gentle elegance of floral scent and a unique lychee fragrance. This tea contains rich anthocyanins, the nutrient which imparts a faint purple and natural sweetness of liquid.

As natural anthocyanins, you can see a circle of red staying around the cup after drinking, and it has benefits for both health and beauty.

Taiwanese oolong tea with light roasted, fresh and natural flower flavor
Mingjian, Nantou is the biggest and most famous region of tea gardens in Taiwan. There’s a variety named “Four Seasons of Spring”, which is one of the best tea in Mingjian, furthermore it has a strong floral fragrance, especially picked in cool seasons like spring or winter. Partial-oxidized and light-roasted by a priced tea master who has experienced for more than four decades. This tea, the base of our Rose Oolong, imparts a naturally fresh aroma of elegant flowers, bright color of mellow liquid and sweet aftertaste. It is undoubtedly a popular and classic Taiwan tea.

Complex and time-consuming oolong tea process
Tea harvest (mechanical or manual harvest) withering Setting Oxidation Tossing (浪菁) repeated eight times or more (drying rolling unblocking) De-stemming drying packaging.

Hot Brew
Small teapot of 200 ml
(1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 150ml of boiling water;
(2) First brew for 90 secs. Second brew for 60 to 90 secs; extend 10 to 20 sec after each brew. (Can be re-brewed for 6 to 8 times)
Easy Brew
(1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350ml to 500ml of boiling water.
(2) First brew for 3 minutes. Extend 1 to 2 minutes after each brew. (Can be re-brewed 3-4 times)

Cold Brew
(1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350 to 500 ml of cold water.
(2) Storage into refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours or until the liquid becomes golden yellow.


Product: Rose Oolong Tea
Ingredient: Oolong tea, rose petal
Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
Type: Loose tea
Valid period: 2 years



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